Message From the Mayor


     Paragould, a great community, one of a kind, progressive in nature while still maintaining values that are important to the residents.  Elected officials, who represent the state and cities, have recognized Paragould as a community on the move always willing to take the next step to assure continued progress.

     Since the beginning, Paragould has transitioned from timber, to agriculture, to industry yet not forgetting its past and its importance to the future. The city has excelled in prosperous times and maintained healthy growth through difficult economic times.

     Education and health care have been very important to our community. You can look at the expanding educational opportunities, from elementary to college, to industrial training and find opportunities for everyone.

      Our hospital continues to offer more services and bringing in more specialists to insure the good health of our citizens.

      I view it as a privilege to live in Paragould and my hope is that others do, too. This community is made up of many people and organizations that have the best interest of Paragould in their heart. It is that commitment that has made the difference and will continue to do so in the future. Paragould, “The One and Only”.

                                                                                              -Mayor Mike Gaskill